Welcome to Typetrap
Typetrap is a project that allows everybody to learn the basics of script calligraphy.

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How it works
Buy a Signpen with brush tip or order the Typetrap Toolkit
Download and print the typetrap practice sheets
Watch the tutorial videos in the right order
Have fun and start practicing
Download all the practice sheets for free!Download now
Personalized practice sheets
Practice calligraphy with your favorite quotes, names or words. Cool huh? Here is how it works:
Download the .pdf-form
Type your desired text (one in each row)
Print at 100% scale
Start practicing!
The Typetrap fonts

The typetrap font was especially designed for this program. It is build to be a beautiful looking script, but also to be recreated by the hand of the writer the most easy way possible. The font houses all the basic letters you need to accomplish in this course. The cherry on top is that you can dowload it for free (for personal use only!). If you use it in pointsize 50 you’ve got the right proportions to use it as template for your writings.

Characters in this typeface:

Try the fonts
Type in what ever you want and see if you like it.
Type your quick brown fox here …
Type your quick brown fox here …